Welcome to the Finnish Scottish Society!

Welcome! Tervetuloa! Välkommen! Walcum! Fàilte!

Founded in 2016, the Finnish Scottish Society ry is a non-profit and non-political cultural and social association. Its goals are to:

  • promote and raise awareness of Scottish culture;
  • further cultural co-operation and relations between Finland and Scotland;
  • bring together Scots living in Finland, their families and people resident in Finland who have an interest in Scottish culture, and to act as a point of contact for them.

We organise events and activities that bring together the Scottish community in Finland, Finns, and everyone else who is interested in Scotland and Scottish culture. These events and activities revolve around themes such as music, dancing, food and drink, films, poetry and history. On this website you will be able to find details on how to become a member of the Society, information on upcoming events and content we want to share with members.

The Board 2019-2020

David Howie, Chairperson

Andrew Hindle, Vice-Chairperson

Jason Russell, Secretary

Colin McGarvie, Treasurer

Pihla Aaltonen, Board Member

Please feel free to query us through the following contact form if you have any questions.

Finnish Scottish Society